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Hotkey Reference Guide

Handy keyboard shortcuts for Guide

This booklet is available in alternative formats from www.DolphinGuide.com

Dolphin Guide is very easy to use so you will never need to memories lots of different keyboard controls. This list contains the keys that you will use most when operating your Dolphin Guide software.

General shortcuts for Dolphin Guide


The important Keys

Open Guide (if not set to start
automatically with your PC): Ctrl + Shift + G

Show Help Page for current screen: F1

Move up or down in a list or menu: Up or Down Arrow

Select a menu option: ENTER

Close current menu or task and go back a stage: Esc

Turn Speech On/Off: Ctrl + 0

More Keys

Select a portion of text that can then be amended: F2 + arrow keys

Read out text, word by word, forwards down a document: F5

Read out text, sentence by sentence, forwards down a document: F6

Open the Spell Checker: F7

Open the Dictionary / Thesaurus: Ctrl + F7

Temporarily stop Guide talking: F9 or Ctrl

Read current menu or page: F8

Speak out current date and time: F10

Increase voice speed: F11

Decrease voice speed: Ctrl + F11

Increase voice volume: Ctrl + Numpad Plus

Decrease voice volume: Ctrl + Numpad Minus

Change voice (switches between all available voices): Shift + F11

Increase magnification (for current screen): F12

Decrease magnification (for current screen): Ctrl + F12

Increase magnification of subtitles: Shift + F12

Decrease magnification of subtitles: Ctrl + Shift + F12

Select all text (e.g: in an email, web page or document): Ctrl + A

Copy selected text: Ctrl + C

Paste copied text: Ctrl + V

Using the Full Web Browser

The following keys make browsing the web a lot easier with Guide. We also recommend the use of Guide friendly websites which appear in the Favorites list.


Internet Keys

Move to next piece of text, link, button, etc.: Down Arrow

Move to previous piece of text, link, button, etc.: Up Arrow

Follow a link on a web page: Enter

Switch between the address box and the web page: Escape

Jump to the top of the page: Ctrl + Home

Jump to the bottom of the page: Ctrl + End

Read the page from your current position (press Ctrl to stop reading): F8

Jump to the next link on the page (add Shift to jump backwards): K

Jump to the next paragraph on the page (add Shift to jump backwards): P

Jump to the next heading on the page (add Shift to jump backwards): H

Jump to the next text box on the page (add Shift to jump backwards): E

Go back to the previous web page you viewed: Backspace

Go forwards to a page you have already viewed: Shift + Backspace

Turn text-only mode ON (press again to turn OFF): Ctrl + T

Turn images OFF (press again to switch ON): Ctrl + I

Print the web page (cursor must be on the page itself): Ctrl + P

Scroll down by one ‘page’: Page Down

Scroll up by one ‘page’: Page Up

More Web Browsing…

You can type the following commands into the Guide’s address box.


Guide will automatically perform a web search for words that are neither web addresses nor commands.


Address Box Commands

Go back to the previous web page you viewed: Back

Go forwards to a page you have already viewed: Forward

To set the magnification of the web page: Zoom + number (1-99)

Show your list of favorite websites: Favs

Add the current web page to your list of favorite websites: Add Favs

Show list of recently viewed web pages: History

Show list of all the links on a web page: Links

Find a word on the web page (press Enter to find next instance): Find + word

Print the current web page: Print

Return to your home page: Home

Show the Options menu for the web browser: Options

To read the help file for browsing the Internet: Help

Close the Web Browser and return to the Main Menu: Close

Getting help with Dolphin Guide Software

Dolphin’s built-in help provides a comprehensive guide to all the functions in Dolphin Guide. While your software
is running, press F1 or select the "Help" option from the Dolphin Guide menu to open the Help file for your current menu.
For a full list of ALL Guide hot keys press Ctrl + F1.


Download a PDF version of this document

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